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WOVEN ART III - From Burle Marx to Sylvio Palma - DESIGN - From Tenreiro to Cida Santana

Times of union and strengthening of everything that matters. We are pleased to announce the merger of the Passado Composto brand at the same address. Mother and daughter together, Classic and 20th Century, at Alameda Lorena 1996. We also celebrate the 32 years of our foundation with one more show uniting the best of Woven Art and Design.
The gallery Passado Composto Século XX, curated by Graça Bueno and special collaboration by historians Guilherme Mazza Dourado and Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla, presents in August 2020, at SP-Arte Viewing Room and in its space, the exhibition WOVEN ART III - From Burle Marx to Sylvio Palma - DESIGN - From Tenreiro to Cida Santana; with important unique works by Brazilian visual artists, who stood out in the transposition of their art in tapestry; and rarities of modern Brazilian design in addition to photographs and objects by contemporary authors. Featured, the monumental abstract tapestry of 1966 by Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994), internationally acclaimed as a landscape artist and artist; exuberant and tropical works by the Bahian Genaro de Carvalho (1926-1971), precursor of the Brazilian artistic tapestry; tapestries made on the loom by "Atelier Douchez-Nicola" (1959-1980) created by its impo rtant fo unding artists Jacques Douchez (1921-2012) and Norberto Nicola (1930-2007); tapestries and paintings with magical colors by the artist Rubem Dario (1941-1978); masterpieces of the talented complex artist Jean Gillon (1919-2007); and two tapestries in the window with lush vegetation by the artist Sylvio Palma (1946-1978). Most of these artists participated simultaneously in relevant group exhibitions at FAAP, MAM SP, Biennials and Triennials. We present rare and collectible furniture from modern Brazilian furniture designed by master Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992) as well as representative architects and designers, Jorge Zalszupin (1922-2020), Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014), Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012 ) and Jean Gillon (1919-2007) among others. Photographs by Ruy Teixeira, playful objects by Paula Juchem and luxurious lamps by Cida Santana complete the exhibition with the participation of contemporary authors.

Photos: Ruy Teixeira

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