The exhibition "Woven Art II", which was presented at SP-arte 2019, focusing on modern artistic flat tapestries from the 1960s, continues in the gallery, more comprehensive in the quantity and diversity of the collection, including woven forms and sculptural tapestries, in addition to unique works of our growing collection, bringing new arrivals and rare historical documents related to the artists: Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola, Jean Gillon, Rubem Dario and Nair de Carvalho.
Inside this show, we dedicate a special room to Nair and Genaro de Carvalho. From the consecrated artist Nair, inspiring muse and widow of Genaro, we present some of her works in tapestry and engravings. From Genaro de Carvalho, considered by Jean Lurçat, the forerunner of modern Brazilian artistic tapestry, we exhibit an important collection of unique works among drawings, paintings and tapestries with tropical characteristics that exalt our Brazilianness.
We honor the artist Genaro de Carvalho in parallel to the Afro Brasil museum, which also highlights its importance for Bahian and national art in the exhibition "The City of Bahia, Baianas and Baianos Also", in which we had the privilege of collaborating with the the monumental work of this artist entitled Nordeste Seco.

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Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm.
Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

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