Artists of Modern Tapestry - Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Jean Gillon
Author : Alejandra Muñoz
Published by the Gallery : PASSADO COMPOSTO SÉCULO XX – São Paulo - Brazil

164 pages
Bilingual edition: Portuguese / English
ISBN: 978-85-65946-00-1 IPSIS Graphic
The material was printed on matte coated paper 150g/m2. On the cover was used markatto concetto naturale paper 120g/m2, with water-based lacquer and matte finish with fold seam.

Published as a complementary work of the exhibition ARTISTS OF MODERN TAPESTRY, Genaro de Carvalho, Jacquez Douchez, Jean Gillon, held at the Gallery Passado Composto Século XX, from September 19 th until November 17th 2012 , curated and authoured by Alejandra Muñoz, architect and art history professor at EBA/UFBA (Fine Arts Institute) Salvador Bahia- Brazil.
This book highlights Brazilian national memory, by presenting works with cultural content, that enhance the modern Brazilianness artistic tapestry. The collection, beautifully ilustrated, with tapestries, paintings, drawings, studies and model cards are enriched with historical photos of documentary and artistic period, such as from the Pierre Verger Foundation and Franco Rubartelli’s Condé Nast Archives.
Genaro, Gillon, and Douchez, were awarded and recognized artists, having participated in the Biennial of São Paulo, among other exhibits. Enjoyed much success of both national and international, as documented in a detailed chronology of the book.
The French master Lurçat, deeply admired by these three artists, is honored in this book with his tapestries, photo and mentions in its content. The research was supported by the Fondation Lurçat in Paris.
The presentation text written by the director of the gallery Graça Bueno, tell us her passion for the subject of modern art tapestries and over the course of her historical research for the exhibition and this publication.
The book show us an enchanting universe and the modern tapestry rediscovery with the reencounter of these great artists which marked an era.

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