The Gallery Passado Composto Século XX, specialized in art, design, period pieces and tapestries, presents in April 2016, in its gallery and at the first fair edition of DESIGN inside the SP-Arte fair, the show "In the curves of Modernism - from Tenreiro to Niemeyer ", with the gallery collection and stars of Brazilian modern historical furniture, tapestries and studies, besides contemporary photographs.

The show, curated by Graça Bueno, presents chronologically some of the firsts modern Brazilian furniture, starting from the soft curves of the pioneer and iconic armchair “Leve” dated 1942, designed by the master Joaquim Tenreiro, until the free and sensual curves of the furniture created by the great architects Oscar and Anna Maria Niemeyer from 1971 to 1980. During the period 1950-1968 stand out the furniture which marked the modern period with its unique Brazilianness of major designers like Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon, among others.

The exposure setting is entwined by works of artists of modern Brazilian tapestry who expressed their art and poetry in physical matter, embroidered or woven on the loom, in colorful and tropical wire frames. The winning artists of the exposed tapestries as Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola and Jean Gillon were famous participants of the Bienal de São Paulo from 1955 to 1975. The artists Ruben Dario and Eva Soban, awarded by MAM-SP in 1979 and still young active in contemporary textile art, have both participated in many other biennials, national and international exhibitions since 1965. The exhibited tapestries range from flat to sculptural and date from 1956 to 2010. Some cushions and tissues were performed in the loom, especially for the event by the sensitive artist Eva Soban.

The artistic photographs by Ruy Teixeira, make up the climate, the theme of modernity and of the Brazilian identity with a current and contemporary reading of the modern architecture by Oscar Niemeyer. Some of the exposed photographs are part of books: “ Brasilia Palace” , publisher Equador 2015 and “Design of utopia”, publisher Editora Olhares 2016.

The realization of this exhibition is part of the gallery's mission, to value the Brazilianness and rescue the memory of the national masters of design and of art in tapestry, in continuation of its exhibitions, the curatorship and consults performed for institutions in this research area. The gallery holds publications, as the latest book "Artists of the Modern Tapestry" 2012, and participates in launching international books like the recent American "Brazil Modern", by Aric Chen and Zesty Meyers, publisher Monacelli Press 2016, with photos and documents from their collection, and the national book "The Design of utopia”, by Jayme Vargas and Ruy Teixeira, the publisher Editora Olhares 2016, with their expertise to the cataloging of the Brazilian modern furniture.
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