Passado Composto Século XX Gallery has reformulated and enlarged the exhibition Artists of Modern Tapestry , held in 2012, and wishes to reaffirm the enthusiasm of its Director, Graça Bueno, for the unique and modern Brazilian artistic sensitivity by displaying its own collection, together with works from private collections, from the artists themselves and their families, under multiple institutional support, for this group exhibition entitled " Artists of Modern Tapestry II ".

In this second edition, inaugurated on October 22nd, the exhibition expands the universe of the 2012 event, which included Genaro de Carvalho (Salvador-BA, 1926-1971), Jacques Douchez (Macôn-France, 1921-São Paulo, 2012), and Jean Gillon (Iasi-Romania, 1919 – São Paulo, 2007). This time, the trio is joined by other four important artists: Norberto Nicola (São Paulo, 1930-2007), Rubem Dario (1941-1978), Edmar de Almeida (Araxá-MG, 1944), and Eva Soban (São Paulo-SP, 1950).

Virtually all the material of this exhibition is different from the previous one and the gallery now includes in its collection a number of works by these artists. The names gathered here share strong connections with each other, having participated with success in joint exhibitions, biennials, triennials and various other national and international exhibitions.
For this edition, the gallery invited experienced curator Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla, who, in addition to being an expert on the subject, is a great appreciator of textile arts, having curated, among many other exhibitions, a broad retrospective of artist Jacques Douchez entitled "Plan and Relief – Abstract Geometries and Woven Forms" at the São Paulo State Art Gallery in 2003.
Graça Bueno, Director of the Passado Composto Século XX gallery, is joint curator to the this exhibition, because she is one of the most earnest researchers of artistic tapestry in Brazil – which, similarly to other artistic movements, reached its apex in the 1960-1980 period and then went through a period of hibernation. One of the key factors for the recovery of national interest in this segment of art production was module I of this exhibition in 2012. The present event encouraged the two curators to revisit the original concept, while enlarging the roster of artists and their works.

It should be stressed that the present exhibition also includes some remarkable manifestations of textile art in pre-Columbian Americas; an instance of the important Brazilian indigenous textile art; and homages to the French master Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) and to the Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz, who was the great innovator of this art with the New Tapestry movement. From this artist, the exhibition brings the monumental tapestry "Helena" (1964-1965), which was displayed at the 8th Biennial of São Paulo in 1965 and for which she was awarded a gold medal.

"We are the only gallery that specializes in Brazilian artistic tapestry. The gallery has as one of its missions to rescue the memory and the appreciation of historic Brazilian art and design, having pioneered the organization of exhibits and researches focusing Brazilian modern artists and designers," says Graça Bueno, who, together with Abdalla, selected a new collection of studies, model cards and flat and sculptural tapestries from the seven artists.

In this edition, the second member of the Douchez-Nicola Atelier (1959-1980), artist Norberto Nicola (1930-2007), is also present. Douchez and Nicola came from the historic Abstração Atelier (1949-1958), founded by the Romanian-French artist Samson Flexor (1907-1971), and both participated in numerous art biennials and triennials, as well as in solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Nicola always had an aesthetic connection with Brazilian indigenous art, both in his flat woven works and in his amazing three-dimensional tapestries.

The curators also brought to the exhibition other significant names in the field of textile art, such as Rubem Dario (1941-1978), a recently discovered artist, born in Rio de Janeiro from a Minas Gerais family, who was, in Graça Bueno’s words, "a color wizard". Dario had a meteoric, albeit short, career and the gallery will display over a dozen of his tapestries and approximately 70 model cards. Another artist included is Edmar de Almeida (1944), who was born in Minas Gerais and during the 1970's partnered with Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1922) in some projects, such as the "Repassos" exhibition that was curated by her in 1975 at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) of São Paulo. Edmar will participate with a three-dimensional work.

The most contemporary presence is that of São Paulo-born Eva Soban (1950). Eva has a strong involvement with textile arts both as a designer and as a tapestry artist, having acquired a solid curriculum and been awarded a prize at the 1979 MAM-SP exhibition. She will be represented at the show by a striking three-dimensional tapestry.

Artists of Modern Tapestry II will remain in exhibition at the Passado Composto Século XX gallery until January 20th 2017. "This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy this enticing universe and rediscover modern tapestry through the gathering of these artists, who were pivotal among their peers," stresses Graça Bueno. "Today, in a moment of rediscovery and revaluation, artistic tapestry has been brought into the contemporary world and can be seen as solid and worthy of all attention," says curator Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla.

Collective exhibition: ARTISTS OF MODERN TAPESTRY II
Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola, Jean Gillon,
Rubem Dario, Edmar de Almeida, and Eva Soban
Execution and coordination: Passado Composto Século XX Gallery
Curatorship and exhibition design Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla and Graça Bueno
Exhibition design assistant : Giovanna Verdini
Period: October 24th 2016 to January 20th 2017
Hours:  Monday to Friday, 10:00 am. to 7:00 pm. Saturday, 10:00 am. to 3:00 pm.
Gallery: Passado Composto Século XX
Address: Alameda Lorena, 1996 – Jardins – 01424-002 - São Paulo - SP
Free admission.
Guided tours may be scheduled in advance by e-mail: lorena@passadocomposto.com.br
Website: www.passadocomposto.com.br - Instagram: @passadocompostosecxx
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