Passado Composto Século XX Gallery, specialized in period modern furniture, art, design and tapestry, presents, in April 2017, in the second edition of the “DESIGN at SP-Arte 2017”, the exhibition “WOVEN ART - FROM ABAKANOWICZ TO NICOLA - DESIGN - FROM WARCHAVCHIK TO SERGIO RODRIGUES.

The gallery features international and local icons of Woven Art and Modern Design, most of which were participated in São Paulo Biennal, such the artists Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jagoda Buic, Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola, Rubem Dario and Eva Soban, besides the designers Gregori Warchavchik, Joaquim Tenreiro, Geraldo de Barros, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon and some relevant manufactures like “Branco & Preto”, “Móveis Ambiente” and “Unilabor”. The contemporary presence of Ruy Teixeira with photography and Cida Santana with lighting will also take place at the exhibition.

We highlight the monumental tapestry named "Helena" (1964-5), one of the tapestries awarded with a gold medal at the “VIII Biennial of São Paulo” in 1965, executed by Magdalena Abakanowicz, who is considered the most internationally recognized Polish artist. Magdalena was one of the main representatives of the Polish school of tapestry and precursor of the movement of the Woven Art in the world. In the "Helena" tapestry, Abakanowicz, who was passionate about weaving her own works, applied her innovative and authoritative knitting and knotting technique with various materials such as cotton cord, horsehair, silk and woven wool. The relief of this work marks the beginning of three-dimensionality in the works fabricated by Magdalena.

Abakanowicz (Poland, 1930-), still active as a sculptor, has her historical and contemporary works in private collections and in many important international museums, such as the United States, New York, MoMA, Metropolitan and MAD; Chicago, MCA; In Napa, at The Hess Collection; And in Europe, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Stedelijk Museum; And in France in Paris, the Pompidou, as well as in his native country, in Poland, in Warsaw, in the Museum of Modern Art among others.

The second internationally renowned artist, represented in this exhibition, is Jagoda Buic, born in the former Yugoslavia in 1930. Jagoda participated in three Biennials in São Paulo, and in 1975, at the XIII Biennial, she received the Itamaraty Grand Prize and in 1979, in the XV Biennial, she participated as laureate along with Magdalena Abakanowicz. The work that we present "Reflets Blanc", woven in kid's wool, with vertical layers in relief, is one of the tapestries with the same theme as the one presented at the São Paulo Biennial in 1975. Jagoda is one of the most important and active artists of Woven Art, she has also been one of the forerunners of three-dimensional sculptural weaving and third-dimensional tapestry. The historical and contemporary works of Jagoda Buic are in private collections and in very important international museums, and recently in 2013, there was an exceptional anthological exhibition at Museo Revoltella in Trieste, Italy.

Together with the international artists already mentioned, this exhibition
includes works by two important participants of Biennials in São Paulo, Jacques Douchez present in nine editions and Norberto Nicola in five. The artists of Atelier Douchez-Nicola were influenced by the Woven Art movement and approached Magdalena and Jagoda personally, both in their countries of origin in the year 1968 and in Brazil. Douchez and Nicola, who already stood out with flat woven tapestries on the loom, also introduced and fostered Brazilian sculptural tapestry.
Many works by Douchez and Nicola are part of large collections and museums in Brazil and abroad, both of which have recently received important individual retrospectives.

Graça Bueno signs the curatorship of the exhibition with the collaboration of curator Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla and the researcher Maria Isabel Gradim. The Galeria Composed 20th Century composer of this exhibition, has the mission to rescue and enhance the memory of the national masters of design and art in tapestry, as well as to recognize the precursors of the International Woven Art through research, exhibitions and publications.


Event: Design (new sector) 3rd floor SP-Arte
Where: Pavilhão da Bienal de SP – Parque Ibirapuera
Stand number. DS1: Passado Composto Século XX
Curatorship: Graça Bueno e Passado Composto Século XX
Exhibition design: Giovanna Verdini
Period: 6th to 9th april
Hours: Thursday to Saturday – 1pm to 9pm. Sunday – 11am to 7pm
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