Magdalena Abakanovicz

Abakanowicz (Poland, 1930-2017), was active as a sculptor at the least of her years, has her historical and contemporary works in private collections and in many important international museums, such as the United States, New York, MoMA, Metropolitan and MAD; Chicago, MCA; In Napa, at The Hess Collection; And in Europe, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Stedelijk Museum; And in France in Paris, the Pompidou, as well as in his native country, in Poland, in Warsaw, in the Museum of Modern Art among others.

Our Gallery highlight the monumental tapestry named "Helena" (1964-5), one of the tapestries awarded with a gold medal at the “VIII Biennial of São Paulo” in 1965, executed by Magdalena Abakanowicz, who is considered the most internationally recognized Polish artist. Magdalena was one of the main representatives of the Polish school of tapestry and precursor of the movement of the Woven Art in the world. In the "Helena" tapestry, Abakanowicz, who was passionate about weaving her own works, applied her innovative and authoritative knitting and knotting technique with various materials such as cotton cord, horsehair, silk and woven wool. The relief of this work marks the beginning of three-dimensionality in the works fabricated by Magdalena.

Text - Graça Bueno and Antonio Carlos Suster Abdalla
Illustration - Giovanna Verdini
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