Leonardo Kossoy
Leonardo Kossoy was born in São Paulo. In the 1960´s he attained a degree in Law from Mackenzie University and turned to devote himself to art, with special focus on Brazil´s artistic and literary avant-garde. In fact, his photographic gaze takes root in art and literature. Kossoy´s connections with photography considerably deepened during the period in which he lived in Paris, in the late 1960´s. “I have always been attracted to the subversive details in art. Possibly this explains my photo crops been viewed as somewhat odd”, he says.

Every year Kossoy photographs in the Mediterranean region, keeping in mind its historiy. His itinerary evokes Fernand Braudel´s method of historiography, art history and photography.

Kossoy is a prolific artist who has shown regularly in New York, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Exploring in original manner the concept of “place”, the show “4 Un-Common Places in Brooklyn” (2004) was featured simultaneously in four venues in New York. The exhibition “Disorient: the nomadic I”, curated by Carol Armstrong, was held at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo (2005) and Rio de Janeiro (2006), and his most recent show, “Espanhas,Spains”, was held in January 2009 at Espaço cultural da Caixa Econômica, in São Paulo.
Ilustration: Julio Dui

Source: catalogue of the exhibition “Where Water meets Land”, held at Masp from 20th august to 11th october 2009, curated by Paulo Herkenhoff


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