Pedro Petry
Pedro Petry, administrator, whose passion for woods made him become an eco-designer, was a pioneer, for nearly 30 years ago, in the reuse of fallen down trees and logs in the forest cuttings discarded in urban areas, which he calls rediscovered woods. Born in Santa Catarina state, of German origin, skilled at manual lathe since the college he has perfected his technique in Germany and values in the woods, shafts and cracks, creating unique pieces of nature.

Trunks of fruit trees such as avocado and coffee turn into vases and bowls. Old trees of the Atlantic Forest, as his favorite Imbuia, is perfect raw material for benches and tables for their technical and aesthetic qualities. In 2008 won the partnership with the Orsa Forest in the Amazon to work with native wood waste and FSC certified wood from their areas of management, such as Pequiá and Acapu.

Since 2010, the Passsado Composto Século XX, seeks to unite the gallery concept with its new contemporary design sustainable projects in partnership with the eco-designer, presenting his unique creations made from fallen down trees and the development of pieces with limited edition.

text: Graça Bueno
Illustration: Julio Dui

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