The traditional trademark Passado Composto was founded in 1988 by the antiquarian Cida Santana in Consolação Street, São Paulo, Brazil. Since the foundation until 2002, Mrs. Santana's daughter - Ms. Maria das Graças S. Bueno was responsible for the international acquisition of antiques for the family business in Brazil.
In 2002, Graça founded the second address in Alameda Lorena, São Paulo, Brazil, the Gallery Passado Composto Século XX, with a focus on Brazilian 20th century modern furniture and artistic tapestry.

The gallery has as one of its missions to rescue the memory and enhance national historic design and tapestry and was thus a precursor to hold exhibitions in honor of the Brazilian masters and modern designers and artists.

Their exhibitions generate books publications through the gallery by their own research and curatorship and guest curators. The gallery also produces short documentaries about their exhibitions and disclose other short films and interviews related to their favorite designers and artists.

In 2009, the gallery through its director Graça Bueno coordinated the publication of the catalog and the organization of the exhibition "Forever Modern", curated by Adelia Borges, scored the intention of the gallery to focus its collection on their favorite modern designers: Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon, besides many others.

In 2010, Graça Bueno and the curator Adelia Borges held a presentation at MAM - Museum of Modern Art, talking about "Brazilian Modern Furniture". At the same year, the gallery collaborated with MCB - Brazilian House Museum in São Paulo, with the exhibition "Design Brazil 101 Years of History". Also to MCB, donated special pieces, such as: the "Jangada" armchair from the designer Jean Gillon, a chair designed by Geraldo de Barros for Unilabor, the chair model "Del Rey" and an auxiliary table both designed by Jorge Zalszupin and a armchair designed by Percival Lafer for the "Collection MCB - New Donations", in 2016 and 2018.

The gallery also collaborated in 2010 and 2012, respectively, writing texts and loaning furniture from the modernism period with these two exhibitions: "The Modern Brazilians +1" and "Jerzy Zalszupin - Architecture, Design and Reedition" held at Oscar Niemeyer Museum of Curitiba (MON). Also in 2012, at the gallery, the exhibition "The Brazilian Jorge".

In 2011, the gallery participated in the "I Design Salon" at OCA, in São Paulo.

In September 2012, in celebration of its tenth  anniversary, the Gallery held the exhibition and the book launch "Artists of Modern Tapestry", curated by Alejandra Muñoz, with tapestries, matrices works, documents and videos, reaffirming the passion of their director, Graça Bueno, by the modern artistic and unique Brazilianness. Thus historical tapestries of renowned artists like Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Jean Gillon, Norberto Nicola, Rubem Dario and Eva Soban, are part of their collection, as well as international renewed artists since 2017 such as Magdalena Abakanowiczs and Jagoda Buic.

The gallery held several exhibitions with Graça's curatorship work for MADE fair on the following themes: "Tenreiro", in 2013, when she gave lectures about Brazilian Modern Furniture and "Genaro de Carvalho in the Time of Lina Bo BardiI", in 2014, both held at Jockey Club of São Paulo; "Modern Brazil", in 2013, "Modern Signatures", in 2014 and "In the Woven of Nicola", in 2015, all the last three ones held at the gallery.

In August 2015, Graça Bueno joined curator Enock Sacramento in the organization of the exhibition "Sailing with Jean Gillon", which was held in two venues - at the gallery and MADE fair at Jockey Club of São Paulo.  The exhibition brought together works by Jean Gillon (Iasi-Romania,1919-Sao Paulo-Brazil,2007) in the fields of modern furniture, object, tapestry, set design, painting, drawing and sculpture, dating from 1940 to 2005. Simultaneously with the exhibition, the Gallery Passado Composto Século XX has announced the relaunch of his most famous and award-winning chair called "Jangada" (Raft), exclusively authorized by the designer Jean Gillon family and in limited edition. The first edition was a success which led the gallery with the Gillon family's permission to relaunch the second edition in 2017 and the third in 2018, both in limited edition.

In April 2016, at the first edition of design inside the SP-Arte 2016 fair, the gallery showed "In the Curves of Modernism - From Tenreiro to Niemeyer", with its collection and stars of Brazilian modern historical furniture, tapestries and studies, besides contemporary photographs. The exhibition, curated by Graça Bueno, presented chronologically some of the first modern Brazilian furniture, starting from the soft curves of the pioneer and iconic armchair "Leve" dated 1942, designed by the master Joaquim Tenreiro, until the free and sensual curves of the furniture created by the great architects Oscar and Anna Maria Niemeyer from 1971 to 1980. 
This show was continued in a more comprehensive version at the gallery until August 2016, with the period 1950-1968 standing out the furniture which marked the modern period with its unique Brazilianness of the major designers like Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon, among others.

From October 2016 to February 2017, Passado Composto Século XX gallery has reformulated and expanded the universe of the 2012 event, which included Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez and Jean Gillon. This time, with the exhibition "Artists of Modern Tapestry II", curated by Graça Bueno, the trio joined by other four important artists: Norberto Nicola, Rubem Dario, Edmar de Almeida and Eva Soban. 

In April 2017, in the second edition of the design sector at SP-Arte 2017, the gallery participated with the exhibition "Woven Art - From Abakanowicz to Nicola - Design - From Warchavchik to Sergio Rodrigues", curated by Graça Bueno. The gallery featured international and local icons of woven art and modern design, most of which had participated in São Paulo Biennal, such the artists Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jagoda Buic, Genaro de Carvalho, Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola, Rubem Dario and Eva Soban, besides the designers Gregori Warchavchik, Joaquim Tenreiro, Geraldo de Barros, Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon and some relevant manufactures like "Branco & Preto, "Móveis Ambiente" and "Unilabor".
The contemporary presence of Ruy Teixeira with photography and Cida Santana with lighting also took place at the exhibition.
In August 2017, the gallery participated in MADE fair with the exhibition "Weaving Art and Design", at the Biennal of São Paulo building and opened the show "Rodrigo Bueno Celebrates the Legacy of Norberto Nicola" held at the gallery. The artist Rodrigo Bueno, from the "Ateliê Mata Adentro", created a pendant sculpture installation made of tangled strings wrapped with wool yarn and sisal composed with palm leaves, hanged in a weave iron art work frame from the serie "Rebento" interlaced with each other.
Also in 2017, the gallery did important partnerships with "Maresca Interiors" in London, loaning some tapestries and tapestry studies for the exhibition "Brazilian Modern Tapestry", in September; with "SESC-SP - Social Service of Commerce" loaning two works of the artist Niobe Xandó for the exhibition "Flusser and the pains of Space"; and with Casa Vogue Experience magazine, loaning some Brazilian Modern Furniture, both in October.

In April 2018, the gallery held in two venues - at the gallery and in the third edition of the Design at SP-Arte 2018, the exhibition "Nomadic Murals", curated by Graça Bueno. The title was inspired by the expression "MuralNomad" of the French naturalized architect Le Corbusier (1887-1965), in reference to the artistic tapestry he termed "nomadic mural of modern times". In this poetic atmosphere, the gallery took to SP-Arte 2018 modern murals, embroidered or made in the loom, as well as matrices of tapestries and historical documents related to the works, highlighting a monumental tapestry "Nordeste Seco" (Dry Northeast), reflecting the exuberant tropicalism of the Brazilian artist Genaro de Carvalho (1926-1971), pionner of genuinely Brazilian artist tapestry, in composition with the design furniture of the same period.
In June 2018, the gallery did another three important partnerships. First, the gallery was pleased to provide two rare pieces to compose the exhibition "Tanto Mar - Fluxos Transatlânticos do Design" held in Portugal and organized by MUDE - Design and Fashion Museum. Second, with "Side Gallery", at Basel fair, with two iconic armchairs from the architects and designers Oscar Niemeyer and his daughter Anna Maria Niemeyer. Third, the gallery lent thirty pieces from its collection for the exhibition of one of its favorite modern designer "Ser Estar - Sergio Rodrigues" held at Itaú Cultural and simultaneously held a show at the gallery celebrating the same designer.
In August 2018, loaned a period furniture for the inauguration of the "Cultural Center of São Paulo Arts and Crafts College" with the exhibition "Liceu - History and Memory" and loaned some modern Brazilian pieces for "MAM - Museum of Modern Art", for the dinner of its seventyth anniversary celebration.

In April 2019, the gallery held in two venues - at the gallery and in the fourth edition of the Design at SP-Arte 2019, the exhibition "Woven Art II", focusing on flat artistic tapestries from the 1960, by artists Jacques Douchez, Norberto Nicola and, along with master works and  Rubem Dario, with participation of the artist Eva Soban. The exhibition was set with modern, rare and collectible Brazilian furniture from the designers: Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992), Carlo Hauner (1927-1997), Martin Eisler (1913-1977), Geraldo de Barros (1923-1998), Jorge Zalszupin (1922-) and Jean Gillon (1919-2007). The gallery did the launch in lighting of designer and antiquarian Cida Santana.
In August 2019, the gallery held the exhibition " Diálogos imprevistos" from the international photographer Ruy Teixeira and in October, the exhibition "Ditos pelo Espedito" with partnership with the store Terrasse from Piauí state, with contemporary artist Espedito Seleiro covering armchairs from important Brazilian designers.
Also in 2019, the gallery did three important partnerships: in April, with Maresca Interiors - "Samambaia" exhibition, for the 2019 Milan Furniture fair, with Genaro de Carvalho and Jean Gillon tapestries; in May, with "Afro Brazil Museum-MAB" in São Paulo, loaning the monumental tapestry "Nordeste Seco" of the artist Genaro de Carvalho for the exhibition "A Cidade da Bahia, das Baianas e dos Baianos Também"; and in September, we collaborated with photographs and historical documents of artist Genaro de Carvalho for the exhibition "Genaro - Traço, Pincel e Trama" held at the Misericórdia Museum in Bahia.
In 2019, the gallery, through its owner Graça Bueno, contributed to the catalog of Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz for the Lodz Museum in Poland, where Graça was invited to write the artist's chapter regarding Brazil.

The gallery period furniture collection includes creations by leading designers such as Oscar and Anna Maria Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Carlo Hauner , Martin Eisler, Geraldo de Barros, Percival Lafer and representative manufacturers such as Móveis Ambiente, Branco & Preto, Celina, Cimo, Fátima, Jatobá, Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de São Paulo, Mobília Contemporânea and Novo Rumo, among others. Chandeliers and objects of the years 1950, 1960 and 1970 make up the modern ambiance. By the great appreciation and admiration for Scandinavian design, the Gallery has the exclusive retailing in Brazil for the Bruno Mathsson designer works.
The gallery has as well in their collection unique works and prints by artists and architects, highlighted in their time, such as Alfredo Volpi, Almir Mavignier, Burle Marx, Claudio Tozzi, Lothar Charoux, Lucio Costa, Mauricio Nogueira Lima, Niobe Xandó and Oscar Niemeyer.

The gallery frequently promotes the sale of several books that extol the Brazilian culture and has collaborated with research, photos and documents to the following books, in Brazil: in 2012, "Modern Brazilian Furniture", sponsored by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and published by Aeroplano Press and "Artists of Modern Tapestry", the second one curated by Alejandra Muñoz and held at the gallery, published by IPSIS Press; in 2014, "Jorge Zalszupin", by Maria Cecília Loschiavo; in 2016, "Drawing with Utopia", by Jayme Vargas and Ruy Teixeira; in 2017, "Brazilian Modern Design", by Alberto Vicente and Marcelo Vasconcellos and in 2018, "Design, Industry and Design", by Jayme Vargas, all the four ones published by Olhares Press. Abroad, in 2016, the gallery, through Graça Bueno, provided her expertise for the cataloguing of modern Brazilian furniture with "Brazil Modern, by Aric Chen and Zesty Meyers (director of R20th Century gallery in NY), published by Monacelli Press.

The Gallery pleasant indoor vertical garden integrates nature to architecture and charms visitors with its tropical warmth welcoming.
Using this amazing space, Graça has promoted two presentations: in 2017, "The Vintage Furniture Market", for Viva Projects and in 2018, "The Route of the Modern Brazilian Furniture and the Artistic Tapestry by Gallery Passado Composto Século XX, for Artidot.

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