Set Ava, Gelli and Douchez
Round table, Casa Gelli
Round table in rosewood, with central foot, design and execution by the manufacture "Casa Gelli" (according to the label), considered the first furniture factory in Petrópolis, RJ.

C. 1960s
Ref: H19-05
Size (cm): 120øx74,5h

Chairs, Ava
Set of four chairs made of rosewood, frame and legs with square shape, seat and back made of woven cane, designed and produced by Brazilian Manufacturing AVA.

C. 1960s
Ref: H19-06-4
Size (cm): 43x44,5x81,5h

Tapestry, Jacques Douchez

Tapestry, flat, being the only work transposed from a painting by artist JACQUES DOUCHEZ (1921, France / 2012, Brazil), executed in wool on the manual loom by ATELIER DOUCHEZ-NICOLA, according to the stamp entitled "FESTA VENEZIANA". Jacques Douchez was one of the most important artists in Brazil of the movement generated by Samsom Flexors ATELIER ABSTRATION. His biography and chronology is in the book ARTISTS OF MODERN TAPESTRY - published by Passado Composto Século XX in 2012

Ref: H19-45
Size (cm): 165x0x114h

photo: Ruy Teixeira
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