Pedro Petry - Design Brazil, 101 years of history - 2010
pages 276 and 277

by Pedro Ariel Santana and Maria Helena Pugliesi

Almost 30 years ago, the observant personality of Pedro Petry, born in Santa Catarina, led him to a question: why the market always uses the same species of wood and wastes so much raw? The hassle turned into stimulus and he began the research of alternative kinds of wood and the reuse of raw material. Petry was one of the first to use wood originated from fallen trees in the Woods and logs discarded in urban-pruning. He even invented a term to this material: “rediscovery wood”.

The childhood of Petry, lived in the countryside, and his growing in the company of his German grandmother, who experienced the scarcity of the end of the Second World War, were decisive in the characteristic mark of his design, which is against waste. "I grew up with the idea of utilizing the most of everything which the Earth offer to us, giving life and usefulness to every bit of fallen branch that was at our orchard," he says.

Before creating his woodworking company in Itu, in the countryside of Sao Paulo, the designer studied engineering and devoted himself to his family weaving industry and his own furniture company. His skills in manual lathe, discovered still in College, was improved in Germany, period in which he experienced different types of aesthetic effects on branches and roots of fallen trees, always valuing knots, cracks and other unique and natural marks. Also at this time the craftsman started a special collection of wood pens - in 2009, there were more than 270 different species. At the end of the 1990´s, Petry included certified wood on his list of raw materials and later, in 2010, conquered the partnership of Orsa Florestal (sponsor, at Amazon, of 545 thousand hectares of native wood certified by the FSC) to transform wastes of forestry in furniture, objects, utilities and corporate gifts.

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